Brigder helps businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Bridger gives these customers a voice by listening carefully to their needs and wishes. Bridger’s role is to hold a mirror to its clients and create the momentum that is required in order to strengthen their customer relations.

Customer Identity

Bridger believes in the value of a close bond between businesses and their customers. A close customer relationship is a platform for organic growth and generates valuable insights to innovate products and services.

And that’s what drives Bridger to perform qualitative customer research, making the voice of the customer come alive. This starts with take a genuine interest in customer’ dreams and aspirations, as these form the seed-bed for a loyal relationship.

Research insights provide perspective and inspire management to make the difference in a competitive market place. The added value of Brigder is Ben; As a person, and the experience he brings.

About Ben

Customers has been Ben’s prime focus throughout his career in Switzerland, Netherlands and Silicon Valley, USA. He led Logitech’ global implementation of Net Promoter program (NPS) and aligned business cultures around the Voice of the Customer.

Ben believes the Customer is the #1 source of inspiration for long term growth. For any organisation, not just large B2C corporations. That’s why he founded Bridger Voice of Customer, an international CX research and consultancy firm focussing on mid/large size B2B organizations.

Ben is driven by connecting people and making them win. He is a skilled listener who brings trust and enthusiasm making a conversation with Ben an enjoyable and inspiring experience.


In its Voice of Customer research Bridger conducts in-depth interviews with its client and a selected number of its customers and lost prospects. About their drivers, how they feel and what they really think. The result is a fascinating business perspective thru the customers eyes.

Customer experience is quantified and tracked with Net Promoter, a research methodology developed by Bain & Company. Qualitative feedback make these numbers come alive leading leading to actionable insights and business opportunities. At company and customer level.

Based on data analysis and research observations Bridger consults their clients on customer relations and way and means of improving this. The research findings and customer quotes provide input for workshops and courses designed to raise customer awareness.

for Whom?


Bridger helps businesses who want to build stronger relationships with their customers and employees. Businesses who are keen to create conditions for customer relationships based on mutual growth.


Bridger specializes in working with companies in the B2B market. In industries where Ben has research/consulting experience and/or where he’s been a client himself: E-commerce, supply chain, transport, contact centers and IT/software.


While Bridger has a track record in running Customer Experience programms for big international organizations, the principle of achieving growth by listening to your customers is one that applies to all businesses, large and small alike.

Ben’s listening…

Voordat Bridger naar uw klanten luistert, luistert Ben graag naar u.

Belt u mij, of bel ik u?

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